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Members of Emiratisation Partners Club are given benefits and bonuses against each membership level.

  • Organizations with Silver Club Membership are granted the badge of Silver Club Membership and receive limited services of the red carpet for this membership, as set by MOHRE.
  • In case a membership is upgraded to the Golden level (2nd class) , its classification improves, is relieved from the 3nd class benefits and is granted the Golden badge, it shall enjoy a red carpet service.
  • In case a membership is upgraded to the Platinum level (1st class), its classification improves, is exempted relieved from the 2nd class benefits and , the second class, is granted the badge of Platinum Membership, it shall enjoy a, and receive the services of the red carpet for this membership. In all cases where the organizations classification is modified, the fees for work in that organization shall be calculated on basis of the skill levels 1, 2 and 3, and the level it is upgraded to in light of the above-mentioned provisions noting that the skill levels 4 and 5 are excluded as the fees shall continue to be paid based on cultural diversity. MOHRE shall determine any additional bonus and incentive in coordination with the competent bodies.