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Application for labor permits share (individual/group) for establishments

  • Service Description

    A service provided by the ministry to establishments wishing to acquire recruitment permits from within the UAE or outside establishments (targeted category: employers)

  • Target Audience


  • Service Procedures

    1. The request for a share (quota) for establishments is printed at Tasheel Service Centers or establishments participating in the Smart Forms System, Intelligent App 24 hours
    2. The request for a share (quota) for establishments shall be electronically verified and approved in the system in case the conditions and controls are met
    3. Some transactions are referred to the Inspection Section to estimate the workload and prepare a report on the establishment 
    4. In case of deficiencies in the required documents, the transaction is returned to complete the required deficiencies.
  • Required Documents

    1. Valid commercial license 
    2. Valid rent contract 
    3. A sketch of the establishment's location 
    4. Details of the required share (number - professions - sex)
    5. Project contracts or building licenses as per activity
  • Terms And Conditions

    1.  The establishment’s record with the Ministry should be free from any restrictions or violations.
    2.  The authorized signatories should have an electronic signature card (or at least one of them).
    3.  There should be no collective labor dispute against the establishment regarding non-payment of salaries or failure to provide adequate accommodation unless a year has elapsed post any such dispute.
    4.  The owner has consolidated all his or her facilities (or in which he or she participates) under one personal number (consolidation of establishments).
    5.  The establishment must submit the Wage Protection Report (if among the establishments required to submit such report).
    6.  There should be no labor cards expired for more than (3) months, work permits for expired for more than (6) months, or licenses expired for more than (70) days for all other establishments owned by the owner of the establishment or shared by any of the owners or partners.
  • Timing

  • Payment

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