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An exemption from a fine request

  • Service Description

    Considering the fine exemption or discount due to a suitable reason from the establishment to not renew the card

  • Target Audience


  • Service Procedures

    1. Application must be submitted to the decision committee counter in order for the application to be processed
    2. The application must be processed by the committee employee
    3. In case of approval, the application is transferred to the Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs Office to approve
    4. In case of refusal for the committee, the notes are added in the inquiry system
    5. In case of missing documents, the applicant is notified to collect the application and fulfill the missing
  • Required Documents

    1. Printing the fine exemption application in the service centers "Tas'heel"
    2. Full report about the establishment in case there is no reason for the fine
    3. Attaching the all required documents that caused the fine:
      • Delay for other entities or a document that states a dispute in court for the establishment
      • An error in the Ministry's system
      • A copy of the entry permit in case the fine is related to permits
  • Terms And Conditions

    1. No restriction on the sponsor establishments
    2. The establishment should have an electronic signature card
  • Timing

  • Payment

  • Service Limitation


  • Working Hours

    Service counters in the ministry offices

    From Saturday till Thursday
    From 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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