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Introducing of "Taqyeem" Service

Objective: to ensure the provision of services in accordance with the criteria of the premium government service

Within the context of efforts and concern of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to ensure the efficient delivery of services and adherence to the service criteria in accordance with the Emirates Government Services Excellence Program. The Ministry has developed "Taqyeem" service centers to activate the services of providing information about the registered establishments therein. Such centers would undertake the process of assessment to (Collecting and providing information on establishments and the private sector institutions, assuring the effectiveness of the commercial licenses, and estimating the size of labor, in addition to following up the registration of labor dormitory in the labor housing system

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stressed on the existence of several advantages the owners and officials of the establishments can get through "Taqyeem" service centers; for example

Ensuring access to an accurate database providing information on the establishments and the effectiveness of the trade licenses

Achieving partnership and help providing efficient and effective services, and ensuring the delivery of services in accordance with the standards of the government distinguished service

Establishing a partnership with the production parties in collaboration with the private sector, and boosting the efficiency of the labor market


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