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Students Forum 360


As part of the efforts of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to raise awareness and empower the youth and students to work in the private sector, and through leadership meetings, the Ministry has adopted the implementation of the Students Forum 360, which aims to create a vital integrated platform for students and youth under the age of 30, based on 4 main axes

Professional Guidance: Through the guidance of students, of both gender, and the youth, and providing them with the tools required to determine their professional career

 Training: through the provision of training workshops that instill the skills of labor market and leadership and self-employment accredited by international companies which meet all the students’ needs

Awareness and Motivation: through the organization of youth workshops revealing the innovative national cadres, and as well, lectures on field training concepts, and the latest international and regional expertise run in the style of Ted Talks

Linking to labor market: through providing opportunities for field training and summer jobs, and highlighting the programs of the national institutions that promote the goals of Emiratisation, future job fairs, and the pilot projects centers  


to raise awareness and enable the youth and students to get involved to the private sector employment 

The event aims at enhancing the development of the UAE youth and providing them with the necessary tools to build their professional future, and introducing them to the private sector in terms of opportunities it provides for the UAE youth for professional career rich in expertise


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