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Laborers’ Happiness

The Laborers’ Happiness program has been endorsed as a part of the Ministry's strategy for the strategic cycle of 2017-2021. Within the context of the pursuit and concern of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation over the happiness of the Laborers of the state, the Ministry discussed the program of Laborers’ happiness during the meeting of “Council of Happiness and Positivity” wherein four main initiatives have been adopted for such program.
Award of the “Happiest Labor Accommodation”: An award designated by the Ministry for the establishments having labor dormitory, and also for the developers of the labor cities registered in the Ministry's database aiming at the development of labor accommodation standards that have been focused on auditing the basic needs, Laborers’ amenities, and adding criteria based on pursuing the worker’s welfare and happiness in accordance with the concept of happiness and positivity.
 Happiness Bus: the initiative is aimed at conferring singularity for the buses of the establishments used for the transfer of the Laborers in terms of the exterior shape, and the services offered by the establishments for the Laborers during the period of their transfer using the buses.
 Happiness Card: the initiative is aimed at providing free Mobile phone card for each laborer so that this card shall have distinct packages for the Laborers /Free credit, limited data package, lower cost per minute, free numbers for the related parties
 Award of the “Happiest Work Environment”: an award designated by the Ministry to honor the establishments observing the Labor Law over handling its Human Resources. It implements activities and initiatives for the happiness of its Laborers.
:Consultation’s Objective 
providing Labourers with welfare, and pursuing their satisfaction


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