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Wage Protection System for Domestic Workers

The application of the wage protection system to domestic workers on a voluntary basis stems from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization's desire to provide excellent services to employers to help them pay domestic workers' wages on due dates in the easiest and most convenient manner, while preserving their right to prove the wage payment process, which would greatly contribute to stabilizing the relationship between the two parties. Employers have the option of paying wages through the system, either through cash transfers to banks and exchange houses that offer this service and are registered and authorized by the Central Bank, or through smart applications from these agencies after contracting with them following established procedures. We have great confidence that the application of the wage protection system to domestic workers is successful, especially since the Ministry and its partners have the necessary experience to operate this system, which has been applied to private sector workers since 2009. It has had a positive impact on the stability and transparency of labour relations between employers and workers in the private sector. It should be noted here that the payment of domestic workers' wages through the Wage Protection System is possible for all categories of employment mentioned in the Domestic Workers Law, i.e. domestic workers, sailors, housekeepers, cooks, security guards, private drivers, shepherds, household horse groomers, falcon caretaker, laborers, housekeepers, household farmers, gardeners, private coaches, private tutors, private nurses, private PRO and private agricultural engineers.


HE. Khalil Ibrahim Khoori, Acting Undersecretary for Human Resources Affairs / Assistant Undersecretary for Domestic work Affairs


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