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Deceptive ads

Some families in the country are resorting to social media accounts in their search for a domestic worker, especially as the digital space is overflowing with ads aimed at luring those who want to employ this category of workers by offering attractive deals such as discounted rates, home delivery service and other methods that can be described as deceptive. Dealing with these unreliable accounts has implications for the family as they lose the rights and privileges provided for in the Domestic Workers Act and its implementing regulations, as well as the legal responsibility that arises for those who employ a worker in violation of the regulations, in addition to the possibility that the worker may be a carrier of diseases, exposing family members to health risks. Therefore, you should not negotiate with a party that provides auxiliary services through social media unless you have made sure that it belongs to centres licensed by MOHRE by contacting the call centre at 80060. These centres provide excellent services to their clients in the form of packages that meet the needs and requirements of both families and employers. They also provide trained domestic workers who are familiar with the customs and traditions of our society and offer other benefits that guarantee the rights of clients with legal centres. Written by: Khalil Khoury Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization for domestic worker affairs


Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation


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  • 1507
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