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"Midday break" Umbrella Guarding Workers

The United Arab Emirates pays special attention to preserving the health and occupational safety of workers and protecting them from the dangers that they may be exposed to while carrying out their work. Applied by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) for the seventeenth year in a row, the "decision to ban the execution of work under the sun's rays and in open places", is one of the key initiatives that affirms the keenness to apply occupational safety and health standards and controls for workers during the summer months, which witness high temperatures. While this decision falls within the framework of initiatives aimed at providing a risk-free work environment, it is at the same time a humanitarian initiative in which the human meanings and values entrenched in the UAE society are embodied in terms of community compassion and respect for the value of work and those who perform it. This value is also affirmed by many community members who give water and refreshments to workers during the daily break stipulated by the decision. The great commitment shown by employers to implement the "noon decision" confirms their awareness and acknowledgement of its importance and the role it plays in providing health and social support to the workers' category as well as warding off the risks to which they may be exposed, especially sun strikes and heat exhaustion. Healthy work environment contributes to the stability of the labour relationship and thus increases productivity. Occupational safety and health standards and requirements will remain one of the top concerns of MoHRE, which it is keen to apply in the labour market. Through this, the ministry strives to strengthen partnership with government entities, the private sector and the rest of society's institutions and individuals to provide means to protect the rights of all workers, especially their health and safety, in parallel with continuing to carry out awareness and mentoring programs and initiatives. By His Excellency Maher Al-Obed, Assistant Undersecretary for Inspection Affairs


Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation


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