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Lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis

As part of its handling of the Covid-19 crisis, the UAE has applied a clear method, with a balance between preserving the health and safety of citizens and residents, providing medical care to those infected with this virus, and continuing to carry on business in all economic sectors while taking precautionary measures that protect workforces in various workplaces. This affirms the government’s preparedness to deal with crises promptly, intelligently, and professionally, as it has limited the repercussions of this virus, whether on the level of the health and medical system or the national economic system while enhancing its stability by reducing the cost of doing business, providing support packages and the use of AI technology, thus reducing the size of the economic and financial damages that cast a dark shadow on the economies of the world.

The success of the UAE in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis must be capitalised and built upon. We should learn from the lessons of this crisis, particularly when it comes to  encouraging remote work, promoting the use of AI technology in all our work, and identifying future scenarios for new jobs and skills in the labour market while ensuring the efficiency of business continuity, as well as other aspects that are certainly on the agenda of our wise government.


Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation


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