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National response to crises

The rapid response that the UAE made in dealing with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is evidence of its concern and conscious awareness of how to deal with all types of crises by relying on an integrated approach to crisis management and on such standards aimed at ensuring the health and safety of the members of society, business continuity and safe and effective management of information technology (IT).  


Of course, all of this did not happen in a vacuum or occur purely by chance, but rather resulted from the keen visions of our wise leadership, which established an integrated system of government work based on applying proactive strategic methodologies and plans and ensuring integrated roles between federal and local government entities on one hand, and constantly following up the crisis and issuing the necessary instructions on the other.


Hence, we saw this high level of co-ordination among all UAE institutions to enhance the ability to manage risks and launch packages of initiatives aimed at supporting the national economy in all its sectors including employers and employees working in these sectors. This ran in parallel with strengthening the health sector capabilities in terms of prevention, medical treatment and dependence on remote work and distance learning, in which the UAE outperformed other countries due to its early readiness to establish eGovernment and subsequrently smart government.


We in the UAE are confident of our ability to overcome this crisis that the entire world is going through, God willing.


Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation


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