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Planning for competitiveness, innovation and creativity

Given the rapid and consecutive global changes, institutional thinking has shifted from its strategic planning ability and follow-up on performance measurement, to developing its capacity in future strategic thinking as a scientific method based on competitiveness, innovation and creativity to reach global standards by building smart databases and statistical information to determine effective capabilities for monitoring, sensing and forecasting future crises, at different severity levels, and preparing to confront them through effective strategic management.

Consequently, attention to planning for competitiveness, innovation and creativity concentrates mainly on strategic thinking to predict the near and distant future. It is an affirmation of the institutions’ ability to offer alternatives and future scenarios, as well as active participation in making a better and sustainable future for the country.  It is also a testament to the good efforts that institutions are making in monitoring and forecasting crises, global trends and variables and their repercussions on the economic, social and environmental aspects of the country. The significance of such efforts is ever increasing considering the current global conditions to achieve the vision of the wise leadership for the effective management of the governmental labour system and achieving sustainable development goals.


Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation


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