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Change Management

Because we are living in an era of accelerated change, change management requires a major role to be played by the leadership in any organization to achieve the desired excellence.

The change required to keep pace with the updates may be in business processes and procedures, customer needs, increased levels of competition, keeping pace with technological advancement, method of service delivery, change of laws and legislation and other themes.


Based on this, effective leadership must have a strategic mode of thinking capable of proactively anticipating the process of future change. This will enable it to review priorities and set strategic alternatives and alternative plans for managing risks, empowering employees to take part in the required change and employing smart mechanisms aimed at developing the organization and improving its performance in a fast and cost-effective manner.

The most important responsibilities of change leaders include exerting concerted efforts to renew the spirit of corporate culture, which requires creating a shared vision, setting clear goals, communicating with all employees, motivating them, providing them with the necessary support and ensuring that they understand and are sufficiently aware of new changes.


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