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The Midday Break Decision, "UAE’s Umbrella" to protect workers from deadly sun rays

The Midday Break Decision, "UAE’s Umbrella" to protect workers from deadly sun rays

The United Arab Emirates takes a quantum leap forward in the region for announcing a decree that drew a smile on labourers faces, starting back in 2005, workers are urged to stop all work under direct sunlight between 12:30 until 15:00, naming it a midday break.

Most employers complied to the decree, as well as community members who supported workers with water and juices on resting period, which promoted the values of compassion between everyone in a great country.

H.E Saqr Ghobash, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation stated the decree, which runs for 13 consecutive years, and aims to prevent any sort of work related injuries, divided working hours between morning and evening shifts, eight hours daily, overtime must be compensated as per the law.

The decree also enquires employers to post a clear scheduling of the daily working hours during the midday break period, further to that provide shelter to labourers during resting hours.

Business owners are required to provide preventive means, to protect workers from the dangers of occupational injuries and illnesses that may occur during working hours, as well as fire and other hazards that may result from the use of machines and other tools, follow all other prevention methods prescribed in the Labour Laws and ministerial decisions.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has ordered 18 inspection teams to observe compliance levels of midday break rule across the country utilizing the smart inspection system. The system analyses data, following specific criteria, to prioritises follow-ups accordingly, all to ensure speed and accuracy.

Moreover, the Ministry carries out awareness campaigns in cooperation with strategic partners in which they form different units to provide free medical check-ups, distribute awareness brochures and handout gifts to the workers.

The ban made for three months instead of two

Back in 2005 the midday break ran for two months, starting from July 1 till the end of August, then in 2009, H.E Saqr Ghobash, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, took on necessary measurement to extend the period, announcing a ministerial decree in 2010, from June 15 until September 15.

Violating companies will be fined Dh5000 per worker and a maximum of Dh50000 if the case involves a large number of workers. The company can be degraded and possibly even temporarily stopped from operating.


Works excluded from the midday break

In exceptional cases where continuous work is required, employers must provide workers with cold water and other recommended items by the country’s health authorities such as salt and lemon. They must also provide first aid, air-conditioners, sunshades and cold water.


Work excluded from the break include work on mix asphalt poured concrete if it is impossible to implement or supplement the necessary work in one day or doing work to prevent expected danger or reparation or damage or malfunction or loss. Emergency work includes cutting lines, water supply, sewerage, electricity and cutting off traffic or blocking public roads, in addition, to cutting gas pipelines or petroleum flow.



Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation


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