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Towards the Next 50

The whole world is wondering about the miraculous mind-blowing developments in the UAE, a country that exceeds all expectations and was able to reach a leading position worldwide in various sectors and vital spheres. The secret lies behind this country's unprecedented evolution is the vision of its wise leaders and people walking in the footsteps of the founding fathers, who laid the cornerstone of a country built on tolerance, coexistence, and prosperity.

With an unlimited ambition reaching the sky, our enlightened leaders are looking forward to the next 50, calling on all people to unleash their powers and potentials, invest in experiences and competencies, and make an unprecedented leap in the journey of the UAE.

Every single member in the UAE has to exert additional effort, work hard, and strive. The challenges that lay ahead are hard, the competition is getting stricter, and the transformations surrounding us are accelerating at a rapid pace. With will and determination, we can continue the journey of comprehensive development, with an aim to make our UAE among the best countries in the world, at its centennial.  


Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation


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