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Creativity and innovation in government work.. a strategic choice

Facing formidable challenges under the accelerating technological advancement in the world, establishments of all kinds badly need to be creative and seek unconventional solutions to the problems they face. Hence, innovation has become a measure of the progress of nations and a key factor in global competitiveness to make countries an attractive environment for investment.

Because we in the UAE are aware of the importance of creativity and innovation in government work, we are working on devising innovative solutions to the challenges and defining the future based on a vision that believes in the possibility of employing talents in devising creative solutions for improving the quality of life in the society and making people happy. Our wise leadership is keen on supporting and encouraging talented people in various ways including but not limited to supporting the innovation labs, particularly in the education sector, and giving scholarships to talented people.
In this context, we must refer to the 6thcommandment of the 10 commandments of governance that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, issued for officials to follow. Titled 'Innovate or withdraw!', the 6thcommandment is a clear message signifying that there is no place for stereotypes in government work. It is also a roadmap for innovation and creativity inside establishments.
Based on this, a successful leader creates an innovative environment that attracts talented people and supports their creative energies, as this will definitely contribute to corporate development round the clock.


Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation


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