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Tolerance is one of the most cherished and greatest values that anybody can have. To reflect the true

meaning of generosity, tolerance requires courage, strength, and positive energy.



More than 200 nationalities live and work in the UAE; in a community that adopts the highest standards of equality and fairness, and in a country that instils the sense of tolerance and multiculturalism. The United Arab Emirates, which sets a range of laws and regulations protecting the rights of all people living on its territory, launched the Ministry of Tolerance to enhance the culture of diversity and pluralism among future  generations and launched a National Tolerance Program to boost the values of coexistence, consolidating the emirate’s position as a global hub for tolerance and Arab inherent traditions. We are proud to live in a country that has become a global capital where East and West civilisations converge to promote peace and rapprochement among people.



What makes the official theme of the “Year of Tolerance,” announced by HH Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan- President of the UAE, so special is the authentic Ghaf tree, which reflects our inherent history and deep memories, as our ancestors used to gather under its shadows to consult on matters related to our daily lives. We are hopeful that tolerance will remain our greatest value for hundred years to come.

In the “Year of Tolerance,” which instils the values of tolerance carried on the late Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the legacy and teachings of our founding fathers, we call

on all people to implement this value in their daily lives.

 Saif Ahmad Al Souiadi

Under-Secretary of Human Resources Affairs – Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation


Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation


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