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Competitive Global Market

The integratedsystem of government policies in the UAE is one of the most significant success factors in shaping the nation’s future guided by “the UAE Vision 2021” and “the UAE Centennial 2071”, in parallel to developing government partnerships with the private sector which is the strategic and optimal sector for employment. 

As the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE) is an integral part of this system and the government body concerned with supervising and regulating the labour market, it is seeking actively to achieve the goals of the “UAE Vision 2021” whose implementation is under the ministry’s mandate. MOHRE’s endeavours will be based on a strategic plan to make the labour market empowering for nationals and attractive for competencies and international expertise, and, therefore, this plan will contribute effectively to the national endeavours exerted to achieve a transformation towards the competitive knowledge-based economy focusing mainly on nationals.

Therefore, we are implementing a package of policies, programmes as well as innovative strategic initiatives within the framework of managing the labour market in UAE. This market has the advantage of being an open global market which abounds in attractive employment opportunities subject to the laws of supply and demand while enforcing an advanced system of legislations and feasible practices that protect the rights of individuals and promote the human values and principles of tolerance, respect and acceptance of the other. 

Under  the“UAE Centennial Plan 2071”, our vision is based on investment in  exploring space, artificial intelligence, as well as global technologies, and benefiting from economic and technological shifts in devising and implementing future job-creation policies.  This would contribute to building an innovative society capable of providing job opportunities with high added value. 

The National Employment Strategy (NES), launched during the 2ndUAE Government Annual Meetings, is a roadmap for predicting the job opportunities and skills required in the future labour market, with endeavours focusing on five main pillars: harmony between the skills of the national labour force and the appropriate skills required in the labour market; increasing the participation of the national labour force in added-value strategic economic sectors such as energy and telecommunications and strategic jobs in artificial intelligence, space, blockchain as well as advanced sciences; focusing on the promotion of women’s participation; promoting high-productivity knowledge-based economy and entrepreneurship; outsourcing, attracting and retaining highly-competent expertise.

Our aspiations in the UAE are boundless.. With determination and persistence in surmounting our challenges, we will make our country a world leader in all fields... This is what we have learned from our wise leadership who will accompany and guide us to progress towards a promising future, Insha'Allah.


Nasser bin Thani Al Hamli 

Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation


Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation


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