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Tawteen 360 Students Forum

A large number of high school and higher education students, as well as national service recruits, have benefitted greatly from the “Tawteen 360” Forum, which came as part of the ‘National Vocational Guidance Program'.

The Forum was organized by the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization as part of its new approach, policies and programs aimed at boosting Emiratization, and held in collaboration with UAE Ministry of Education and the private sector.

The Forum comprised six stations, which were focused on discovering potential, training students, increasing their awareness and motivating them, as well as offering field training and education opportunities, and the prepare them for future job market.

The training station comprised various workshops aimed at arming students with job market skills and taught student how to utilize them in their personal and professional life. It also included teaching participants the skills required in self-employment and entrepreneurship, as well as other characteristics to succeed in the private sector, such as developing a positive attitude and traits.

In terms of helping students tap into their potentials, the Forum sessions included career counselling and guidance to help them identify which career paths best fit their preferences, job market requirements and top sectors, in addition to helping them prepare for job interviews and develop their resumes.

The awareness and motivation station showcased success stories featuring men and women Emiratis working in the private sector. During their speeches, the speakers discussed the importance of working in the private sector and the benefits it offers, in addition to sharing their personal experiences and how they were able to achieve success.

Meanwhile, in the future station, students learned about forthcoming professions and career paths.

Last but not least, the education station, which was managed by a number of educational entities and institutions from both the public and private sectors, informed the student about available opportunities and scholarships. Students learned about various majors and educational programs offered by universities and colleges. The station also offered a direct line of communication between students and academic advisors.


Fatima Al Houti

Under-Secretary of Human Resources Development

Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization


Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation


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