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About the Award

The Emiratisation Award is an annual award granted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to honour the Emiratisation pioneers in the private sector in order to stimulate and encourage the private sector and the Emiratis working in the sector to support the UAE Vision 2021 aimed at achieving an Emirati-centred knowledge economy and to emphasise the integration of roles between the Ministry and the establishments to achieve the effective participation of Emiratis in the UAE labour market. The Award consists of the following categories: The Establishments category, Best Emiratisation Supporting Entity category, Emiratisation Pioneer category and Best Emirati Employee category .

Objectives of the Award

  • Enhance the contribution of the private sector in achieving the national agenda indicators.
  • Provide an attractive work environment for Emiratis in the private sector.
  • Strengthen partnership and cooperation between the Ministry and private sector establishments.
  • Focus on the Emirati category and encourage them to participate in the sustainable development of the UAE.
  • Promote a culture of excellence and the spirit of positive competition between private sector establishments to enhance their role towards the nation and the citizen.

Eligibility for participation

  • Participation is open to all private sector establishments operating for a minimum of three years in the United Arab Emirates and holding a valid licence from the relevant government authorities.
  • Entities and individuals working in the private sector who wish to participate, are required to apply at the launch of each Award cycle.

Winners of the Award will receive the following advantages

  • Certificate of Appreciation and the winner’s trophy from the Ministry.
  • Admission of the winning establishments to the Tawteen Partners Club.
  • The right to use the Award logo in all publications and websites of the winning establishments.
  • Extensive promotional coverage through media and social networks.
  • Displaying the logo of the winning establishments on the Award website.
  • A feedback report from the assessor team highlighting strengths and areas for improvement to enhance the establishment’s Emiratisation.

Emiratisation Award Categories

  1. The Establishments category Click here to participate
    • Private sector
    • High-tech
    • Semi-government
  2. Best Emiratisation Supporting Entity category (government / semi-government) Click here to participate
  3. Best Emirati Employee category Click here to participate

First Cycle Winners Second Cycle Winners

Confidentiality of information and data

All information and documents submitted by the participating establishment will be kept confidential and will not be viewed by any individual or entity not directly involved in the Emiratisation Award process .

Assessment Mechanism

  • The Assessors will apply the UAE Emiratisation Award Model and follow a defined process in line with best assessment practice..
  • The Assessors shall evaluate the online submissions, based on the evidence provided by the establishment, that illustrate the plans, implementation mechanisms and performance results of the establishments participating in the Award in accordance with the requirements of the criteria.
  • The Assessors will include a site visit to verify the evidence.
  • The Assessors will be overseen by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation Award Jury and Committees

Applying for the Award

  • Register your interest by applying online on the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation’s website, Emiratisation Award landing page. You will be asked for the following information:
    1. Establishment name
    2. Establishment number
    3. Establishment head office
    4. Number of employees
    5. Date of incorporation
    6. Contact person, e-mail address and telephone numbers
  • Attend one of the Award awareness workshops
  • Complete the online submission

Contact details

For further details and inquiries, please contact the call centre: 800-60 - e-mail: