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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)


MOHRE is recently studying a comprehensive scheme about the UAE Federal OHS standards within the UAE construction sector. The project comes under MOHRE’s keen desire to identify the OHS initiatives and activities in the workplace so as to provide safe working environs for the laborers to continually improve the OHS standards, the protection of the laborers’ rights, and the employers’ interests to enhance labor market stability and the productivity levels, which will duly boost the performance of the UAE economy to realize the UAE 2021 vision.  
MOHRE aims to escalate the levels of OHS awareness in the labor market through executing various programs including field visits to laborers’ residences and the work sites, especially the construction sites, the workshops, the plants, and the factories. The target is to increase OHS awareness and to provide counsel on the best practices to mitigate work hazards and the frequency of work injuries, being in the internal or external work sites.
MOHRE is keen to implement the best world practices in industrial and consatruction safety fields through collaborating with the local stakeholders and partners besides the world renowned expert and consulting houses. In this respect, workshops are conducted to fine-tune the abilities and skills of the MOHRE inspectors and keep them updated on the latest global developments in the OHS doctrine

Target of the consultation

Providing a safe workplace for the continual improvement of the OHS standards, protection of the laborers’ rights, and the employers’ interests so as to enhance labor market stability and productivity levels, which will boost UAE economy performance to realize the UAE 2021 vision.

Decisions that might be taken based on the counsel.

OHS in the workplace, a policy manual


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