Sub-contracting Contracts | Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation
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Documenting Subcontracting Contracts Service Mechanism:

  1. Customers are welcomed at any authorized Tas-heel centre across the UAE, through the reception desk.
  2. Customers are asked for the contract signed between them and the main contractor, provided that it is translated to Arabic at a legally authorized translator.
  3. The subcontracting contract must include the project’s starting date and completion time, cost, type, and activity.
  4. The customer is guided to a customer happiness counselor.
  5. The employee accesses the Tas-heel system (Documenting subcontracting contracts service) to complete the procedures and fill in the subcontracting contract’s fields.
  6. The required documents (copy of the contract, commercial license, valid construction license, lease contract, approval from the project advisor to the subcontractor). All the documents shall be scanned.