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launching periodicity

Once a year

Participation Conditions

Participation is optional for all companies registered in MOHRE’s database (1000 employees and above), that has no violations record.

Award Criteria

Governmental Requirements 

This criterion focuses  on the entity‘s commitment to the regulations and requirements of the government in dealing with Employees. (Does not require participation request document )

Activities and Initiatives

This criterion focuses on the entity’s efforts towards pleasing the employees by engaging them in social and entertaining activities and initiatives

Award Categories

  • Happiest Work Environment
  • Happiest entity in meeting Governmental Requirements
  • Happiest entity in Activities and Initiatives
  • Special Recognition for the entity with the highest HR satisfaction indicator

Benefits and rewards

  • MOHRE’s Happiness Trophy + Appreciation Certificate
  • Honors from the Minister of Human Resources and Emiratization and the Happiness Minister

Award Criteria

First Main Criterion: Governmental Requirements - 50%


  • Provide employees with necessities to guarantee job fulfillment.
  • Initiate activities to cope relations with the ministry
  • Comply to ministerial rules and regulations
  • Commitment towards employing permitted labourers, plus avoid bogus work relations and engaging juveniles
  • Participation in the self-assessment programs
  • Provide employees with adequate housing and transportation
  • Abide to Occupational Health and Safety measurements
  • Regularly update company records and forward it to the ministry
  • Commitment to recruit UAE nationals
  • Form an employee survey mechanism to measure satisfaction levels

Performance results

  • The level of commitment towards salary transfers in 2017
  • Number of Labour strike recorded throughout 2017
  • Total number of Labour disputes recorded against the company in 2017
  • Number of fines registered against the company in 2017
  • The percentage of low-income workers (earning Dh500 or less) at the company in 2017
  • Compliance with occupational health and safety standards in 2017
  • Emiratisation percentages in the company in 2017
  • Human resources annual satisfaction report

Second Main Criterion: Activities and Initiatives - 50%


  • Propose annual activities to ensure employees participation within cultural, social, recreational and volunteer activities.
  • The participation of the company’s leadership with the proposed activities and initiatives.
  • Plan internal communication strategies and social activities to connect with the employees.
  • Start talents and hobbies programs and competitions to excite the employees.
  • Construct entertaining facilities in office premises.
  • Finds initiatives that triggers the employees belongingness to the company

Performance results

  • Annual reports which indicates the number of community-based activities the company employees has joined.
  • Annual reports which indicates company leadership presence during the proposed activities.
  • Number of programs and activities that are organized each year for the employees.
  • Employees’ annual participation percentage in regards to the organized activities.
  • The number of amenities available in the company.
  • Number of annual gatherings held with employees.

Email : happy.uae.labour@mohre.gov.ae

Click here to download the participation application .